Origins of the Club

The Burnaby Lake Rugby Club was formed in 1994 when two Metro Vancouver rugby clubs, the Burnaby Buffaloes and the Vancouver Trojans, merged.

Because the Buffaloes played in the Fraser Valley Rugby Union and the Trojans played in the Vancouver Rugby Union, these two clubs did not have long standing rivalries, which accounted a great deal for the success of the merger. As a result of the merger the newly formed Burnaby Lake Rugby Club (BLRC) became one of the larger clubs in the Metro Vancouver Area, consistently fielding teams at the most competitive levels in British Columbia.

The Water Buffalo and the Trojan Horse were symbols of the two clubs that merged in 1994 to form the BLRC. The Maple Leaf is the symbol on Canada’s flag and the Dogwood is the official flower of British Columbia.


BLRC fields teams of many age groups and skill levels including:

  • Men’s Premier
  • Women’s Premier
  • Men’s 1st Division
  • Women’s 2nd Division
  • Men’s 3rd Division
  • Men’s Under 20
  • Men’s Under 14
  • Mini Rugby (Kindergarten – Grade 7)

Elite and Recreational 7s (Men’s and Women’s)